15 May 2023
We announced the CODATU Regional Forum “Urban Mobility in Latin America”, which will be held in Bogota, Colombia, from 26 […]
24 May 2023
SOLUTIONSplus is back with a brand new e-course!
The SOLUTIONSPlus Global Learning Programme on electric mobility is about to kick-off the fourth e-course, about electrification of paratransit services. And what is […]
24 May 2023
Participation of CODATU in the seminar "Urban transport transformation in sub-Saharan Africa - Crossed views" organised by the LAET
In the framework of this seminar organised on 23 May 2023 by the Mobility-Territory Interactions axis of the LAET laboratory […]
22 May 2023
A delegation from AMUGA in Lagos
A delegation from AMUGA (Greater Abidjan Urban Mobility Authority) was in Lagos from 15 to 19 May, accompanied by CODATU, […]
15 May 2023
CODATU Regional Forum in Bogota: registration is open!
We announced the CODATU Regional Forum “Urban Mobility in Latin America”, which will be held in Bogota, Colombia, from 26 […]
11 May 2023
The Dakar Declaration: CODATU's strategic and methodological toolbox
Interview with Jean Jacques Helluin General Delegate “Realities have emerged over time, supporting and guiding our recommendations to developing and […]
10 May 2023
CODATU is in Pakistan!
In the framework of our cooperation with the Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (NaMATA), a technical visit is organised from […]
2 May 2023
Postponement of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors
The General Assembly and the Board of Directors meeting, initially scheduled for 04 May 2023, have been postponed to a […]
21 April 2023
CODATU Technical Cooperation in Peru - Visits to Arequipa and Huamanga
Visits to Arequipa and Huamanga, two strategic intermediate cities located in the Andes, took place this week in order to […]

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26 06 23
CODATU is organizing, in partnership with Transdev and the University of the Andes, the «Urban Mobility in Latin America» Forum […]

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"Road safety management" training
Cette formation courte est conçue comme une sensibilisation poussée pour des professionnels investis sur le sujet, et ne nécessite donc pas de prérequis. Il s’agit d’une formation hybride : des webinaires avec des experts internationaux sont animés de façon hebdomadaire sous l’égide d’un coordonnateur pédagogique local. Les participants réalisent des travaux de groupe qui sont restitués à l’issue de la formation.
MOOC "Urban Mobility in Africa"
Formation à distance avec possibilité de décliner sous forme synchrone (ouverture d’une session sur une plateforme de formation), ou asynchrone. Les vidéos de cours sont complétées par des synthèses pédagogiques, des vidéos témoignages, des références documentaires, des quiz et des sessions d’échange avec des experts sous forme de webinaires dans le cadre de dispositifs de formation synchrones. Depuis 2022, les vidéos de cours sont disponibles en version sous-titrée anglais, et les synthèses pédagogiques et références bibliographiques sont également disponibles en anglais.
Master 2 "Transport and urban mobility in Africa"
Enseignements en présentiel avec une alternance entre cours magistraux assurés par des enseignants et des experts au sein de l’Ecole Africaine des Métiers de l’Architecture et de l’Urbanisme à Lomé, des exercices et des mises en situation. Des sorties de terrain peuvent être prévues, et un stage professionnel doit être réalisé lors de la formation, donnant lieu à la rédaction d’un mémoire.
Master 2 "Transport and sustainable urban mobility"
12 May 2023
Publication Xavier Godard's book on 40 years of CODATU Conferences
In 12 major questions, Xavier GODARD reminds us of the main lessons in terms of sustainable mobility in the major […]
14 December 2020
"Alternative revenue sources for urban transport : presentation and discussion on the French Mobility Tax", by Thierry Desclos, Clotilde Minster (World Bank)
  Abstract Financing urban mobility is a worldwide issue and is increasingly so as the world urbanizes. This question has […]
7 February 2020
5 years later, Kochi and the establishment of a Transport Authority
The city of Kochi (Cochin) welcomed in 2017 a first metro line of which Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL), a […]
9 April 2019
[Technical Cooperation Peru] CODATU and IFEA co-authored an article!
Using references for the co-construction of knowledge: technical cooperation for urban transport in Peru The article co-authored by Jeremy Robert […]
26 March 2019
[Technical Cooperation Brazil] Our overview publication is now available!
“Transition towards a more inclusive mobility and construction of a new urban culture in Brazil” This document closes a two-year […]
7 September 2018
Practical guide for the organisation of car-free days, by CODATU
The organization of car-free days is a powerful tool in terms of raising awareness as it demonstrates our cities’ potential […]
INDIA: Support to Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) 2015-2017
TUNISIA: Technical cooperation with the Tunisian Ministry of Transport (2016-2018 and 2019-2022)
SENEGAL: Technical assistance for capacity building and reorganisation of CETUD (2017 - 2023)
EGYPT: Improvement of mobility systems in Cairo and Alexandria (2017 - 2020 extension 2023)
KENYA: Support to the Nairobi Mobility Authority (2021- 2023)
IVORY COAST: Support to the Urban Mobility Authority of Greater Abidjan (2021 - 2023)