19 December 2023
The workshop was held on 5 December in Lima as part of the technical cooperation established between the Agence Française […]
20 November 2023
Technical cooperation AFD-CODATU-MTC in Peru: training cycle on sustainable urban mobility
Between 26 October and 2 November, the first cycle of thematic trainings on sustainable urban mobility developed with MobiliseYourCity training […]
15 November 2023
CODATU innovates with its first practical training course on "Leaders in the modernisation of paratransit" in Madagascar
As part of the support provided by CODATU to the Malagasy authorities for the professionalisation of paratransit in Antananarivo (currently […]
24 May 2023
SOLUTIONSplus is back with a brand new e-course!
The SOLUTIONSPlus Global Learning Programme on electric mobility is about to kick-off the fourth e-course, about electrification of paratransit services. And what is […]
25 April 2023
"Road safety management" training
This short course is designed to raise awareness among professionals who have already invested in the subject, so there are no pre-requisites. It is a hybrid course: webinars with international experts are run on a weekly basis under the aegis of a local educational coordinator. Participants carry out group work which is presented at the end of the course.
25 April 2023
MOOC "Urban Mobility in Africa"
Distance learning, which can be delivered synchronously (by opening a session on a training platform) or asynchronously. The course videos are supplemented by teaching summaries, testimonial videos, documentary references, quizzes and discussion sessions with experts in the form of webinars as part of synchronous training systems. Since 2022, the course videos have been available with English subtitles, and the teaching summaries and bibliographical references are also available in English.
25 April 2023
Master 2 "Transport and urban mobility in Africa"
Face-to-face teaching alternates between lectures given by teachers and experts at the Ecole Africaine des Métiers de l'Architecture et de l'Urbanisme in Lomé, and exercises and simulations. Field trips may be planned, and a work placement must be completed during the course, leading to the writing of a dissertation.