Business Club

Since 2019, the Business Club brings together transport professionals around CODATU’s partners. It meets twice a year. Its objective is to create a place for exchange and sharing of strategic information between professionals of the sector and on the areas of intervention and activities that CODATU carries out there. Indeed, the cities of the South represent a considerable field of opportunity for mobility and urban professionals, due to the growing challenges of urbanisation and ecological transition. The participating companies are invited to propose innovative solutions adapted to the specific needs of the cities. With this initiative, the association brings together mobility professionals with its partners such as development banks and Mobility Organising Authorities from developing countries, which it regularly invites.

These meetings lead to partnerships between professionals in the sector or with CODATU, to act collectively in favour of the development of mobility in the cities of the South.

Would you like more information about Club Affaires? Contact Cynthia Akpro at the following email address:

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