Scientific committee

Scientific activities are part of CODATU’s identity: since its creation, the association has brought together international researchers and teacher-researchers whose expertise focuses on transport and urban mobility in cities of the South.

The Scientific and Technical Committee of the association is currently being reorganised in order to adapt to the evolution of CODATU’s activities, to the modes of production of scientific knowledge and to the challenges of transport and mobility in the cities of the South.

This renewal will be based on the activity of think tanks co-led by members of the scientific community, dealing with strategic issues in the South for which innovative solutions are needed. The groups envisaged concern the evolution of paratransit services, gender issues, the use of digital tools, electromobility and urban logistics. The objective of these groups will be to build new approaches allowing the implementation of mobility solutions adapted to the context of the urban territories of the South.

Contacts for scientific activities within the CODATU team:

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