Here you will find job offers and internship offers*, put online either by CODATU or by its partners.

You can also apply as a VSI: volunteer for international solidarity*.

If you are a student and wish to apply for an internship, please send your application and CV to the following address:


*The VSI

International solidarity volunteering is the commitment of an adult to a development or humanitarian emergency mission in a country of the South or East, within an association recognised by the State and approved. The international solidarity volunteer contract (CVSI), which lasts a maximum of two years, is concluded between a French association approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and an adult.

To support the VSIs, CODATU has joined forces with La GUILDE, which is currently the leading French organisation for sending volunteers abroad (civic services and VSIs) and supporting international solidarity microprojects.

* zoom sur la professionnalisation des ingénieurs ENTPE

Les chantiers CODATU, sont des terrains d’études et de professionnalisation parfaitement adaptés soit au stage de mise en situation professionnelle (18 semaines) de la fin de 2ième année ou du travail de fin d’études de la 3e année (20 semaines).

Ils offrent l’occasion de démontrer l’acquisition des compétences nécessaires au métier d’ingénieur, en faisant preuve d’autonomie, de rigueur rédactionnelle, d’analyse et d’esprit critique. Ils permettent aux stagiaires de mettre en œuvre les connaissances acquises au cours de la formation sur des sujets utiles sur le plan humain, fédérateurs et porteurs d’avenir.

* zoom on the professionalization of ENTPE engineers

The CODATU work sites are perfectly suited to the professional internship (18 weeks) at the end of the second year or to the end-of-study project in the third year (20 weeks).

They offer the opportunity to demonstrate the acquisition of the skills necessary for the engineering profession, by demonstrating autonomy, rigorous writing, analysis and critical thinking. They allow the trainees to apply the knowledge acquired during the training on subjects that are useful on a human level, federative and promising for the future.

Apply to be included in the CODATU Experts database

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