Wise Persons’ Committee

In the 42 years of existence of CODATU, it is clear that too many projects in the sector have not produced the expected results. To strengthen the relevance and acceptability of projects towards donors and/or to set up public/private partnerships, CODATU has set up a recognized and independent “Wise Persons’ Committee”. The CODATU Wise Persons’ Committee is one of the flagship actions proposed in the CODATU Dakar Declaration.

The Wise Persons’ Committee is composed of independent, unpaid, competent personalities from diverse professional worlds (technical and political organizing authority, operator, research office, academic etc.) and from different countries (North and South). It makes it possible to solicit the punctual expertise of CODATU members.

The members of the Wise Persons’ Committee

Alain BONNAFOUS, (France), Former Director of the Transport Economics Laboratory

Raymond DESCHAMPS, (France), Former Director General of SYTRAL, Treasurer of CODATU

Bruno LOUSTALET, (France), Secretary of the Wise Persons’ Committee, volunteer member of CODATU

Valérie ONGOLO ZOGO, (Cameroon), Academic, Advisor to the Minister of Transport

Christian PHILIP, (France), Former Chairman of SYTRAL, Deputy General Secretary of CODATU

Alioune THIAM, (Sénégal), Ancien Directeur général de CETUD 

Michel TINDANO, (Togo), Secretary General of the Ministry of Transport, DG SOTRAL

Michèle VULLIEN, (France), Metropolitan Councillor of Lyon, Former Vice-President in charge of transport, Former delegate to SYTRAL

The Wise Persons’ Committee formulates opinions: upstream, as soon as the idea of a project of public or private origin emerges, the opinion of the council confirms it or proposes ways to improve or criticize it. When the project begins to be sufficiently formulated and supported by public authorities, the opinions and recommendations relate to the economic, technical, institutional and political feasibility and urban and environmental sustainability of the projects .

To contact or propose a project for the opinion of the Wise Persons’ Committee:

Committee Facilitator: Christian Philip – cphilip@codatu.org

Committee Secretariat: Bruno Loustalet – bloustalet@codatu.org

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