Study visits

As part of its support offer to cities and AOMs in the South, CODATU organises study visits in France and in its countries of intervention on the theme of sustainable urban mobility. Visits are organised to our members and partners (RATP, Keolis, Société du Grand Paris, Metropole de Lyon, Agence d’urbanisme de Lyon, etc.) to exchange with experts on various themes defined jointly with the beneficiary organisation(s). The visits usually last 5 days during which meetings and field visits are planned.

Examples of topics covered during these visits are

  • Mobility governance and organising authorities
  • Mobility policy definition and planning
  • Multimodal and intermodal mobility
  • Shared mobility policies and public space management
  • Electromobility policies
  • Digital technologies for urban mobility
  • Gender issues in urban mobility systems
  • Public spaces and transitional urbanism
  • Active modes
  • Inland waterway transport

Some examples of study visits carried out:

  • The Tunisian delegation, as part of the AUTREMENT project, visiting Lyon and Grenoble (France), to find out about active mobility policies and their implementation on the ground.
  • The AMUGA delegation, visiting Istanbul and Izmir (Turkey), to discuss fares, ticketing, the management of major transport infrastructure projects, intermodality and multimodal interchanges, and the integration of small-scale transport into the conventional network.
  • LAMATA visiting Paris and Nantes (France), on the issues of mobility financing, governance and intermodality with river transport
  • NAMATA in Cape Town (South Africa) on the issues of planning, governance and operation of a BRT network, as well as professionalisation and integration of artisanal transport
  • Government of the City of Buenos Aires in Bogota and Medellin (Colombia) on the issues of public space planning, intermodality and integration of working class neighbourhoods into the formal city.
  • AMUGA on a visit to France, to discuss intermodality, transport financing and the governance of Organising Authorities.
  • an Egyptian delegation in charge of transport visiting Paris, in order to meet institutions in charge of the management of urban rail transport projects, in order to benefit from feedback on the issue of reducing the operating and maintenance costs of rail transport networks.

CODATU takes care of the logistical organisation of the stay, the technical expertise with the creation of a tailor-made programme and on-site support. Interpreting can also be organised if required.

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