26 January 2024

AUTREMENT project: the Tunisian delegation visits Lyon

From 15 to 20 January 2024, a Tunisian delegation made up of members of the municipalities of Kairouan and Mahdia visited Lyon and Grenoble as part of the AUTREMENT project (“Urban Development of the Territory to Reinvent Mobility and Engage Tunisians”).

As a reminder, the AUTREMENT project is the result of decentralised cooperation between the cities of Strasbourg, Kairouan and Mahdia, with the aim of making Kairouan and Mahdia pilot cities in Tunisia in terms of active mobility, citizen participation and local democracy, thanks in particular to the recognised experience and expertise of the City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg, the project leader.

The CODATU team, in collaboration with the teams from the City of Strasbourg, CEREMA and ALDA, , who are implementing the project, accompanied the delegation on the various visits.

The aim of the technical visit was to find out more about active mobility policies and how they are being implemented on the ground in Lyon and Grenoble.

After a meeting at the Metropole de Lyon, during which the issues of traffic calming in the vicinity of secondary schools and the Presqu’île de Lyon were discussed, the delegation visited the CODATU offices, via the Part-Dieu Multimodal Interchange Hub project. The delegation was able to meet the CODATU team and work on the closing seminar of the AUTREMENT project.

The delegation then attended presentations on citizen participation in public space transformation projects, the Metropole de Lyon’s active mobility policy and the Voies Lyonnaises, as well as the Metropole de Lyon’s parking policy. She visited the “Super îlot Danton”, the area around the Léon Jouhaux school and the Part-Dieu project centre.

The field visits continued with a tour of the pedestrian and cycle facilities. The group was split into two parts: one group on bikes and the other on foot. The visit was followed by a debriefing of the different experiences.

Finally, the delegation travelled to Grenoble, where they were able to meet members of Grenoble Alpes Mobilité and the City of Grenoble, discuss cycling policy and school verges, and take a field trip.

We would like to thank our partners for their warm welcome. They enabled the various members of the delegation to have some very informative discussions.