Study visit

26 January 2024
From 15 to 20 January 2024, a Tunisian delegation made up of members of the municipalities of Kairouan and Mahdia […]
15 December 2023
A Libyan delegation visits Paris
A Libyan delegation was in Paris this week to explore urban mobility solutions and discover French expertise in the urban […]
8 December 2023
AFD - AMUGA - CODATU technical cooperation: Study visit by an Ivorian delegation to Turkey
From 26 November to 1 December, a delegation from AMUGA – Autorité de la Mobilité Urbaine dans le Grand Abidjan visited the […]
4 July 2023
A Peruvian delegation visits Colombia
A delegation of six Peruvian officials visited Colombia on the occasion of the first study trip organised as part of […]
27 June 2023
Kenyan delegation in France: visit continues
After visiting the CODATU team on 19 June, the Kenyan delegation, made up of members of the Nairobi Metropolitan Area […]
21 June 2023
A Kenyan delegation visits France
As part of the cooperation agreement signed at the end of 2019 between CODATU, AFD and the Kenyan Ministry of […]
13 March 2023
Technical cooperation between AFD, CODATU and Buenos Aires: discovering urban and mobility challenges in Colombia (2/2, Medellín)
Continuation of the study trip to Colombia for the Buenos Aires City Government delegation. Heading for Medellín, the country’s second […]
8 March 2023
CODATU technical cooperation with Buenos Aires: discovery of urban and mobility challenges in Colombia (1/2, Bogotá)
A delegation from the City of Buenos Aires is visiting Colombia this week. This is the second study trip in […]