Since 2015, CODATU has been supporting national and local authorities organising mobility in cities of the South through technical cooperation.

CODATU’s technical cooperations respond to the capacity building needs of partner cities and countries to ensure the development and implementation of sustainable urban mobility projects and/or policies, both at local and national levels.

The direct beneficiaries of technical cooperation are :

  • Cities and local governments with responsibilities for urban mobility
  • Transport and Mobility Authorities (AOT and AOM), Public Transport Companies, Urban Planning Agencies, etc.
  • Ministries in charge of urban mobility

CODATU supports the beneficiaries on one or several themes which can be for example :

  • Governance (mobility organising authority)
  • Financing of mobility
  • National policy and local planning (PNMU and PMUS)
  • Integration of urban planning and transport
  • Intermodality and interoperability
  • Paratransit transport
  • Digital
  • Active mobility
  • Operation of transport networks
  • Public spaces and transitional urbanism
  • Etc.

In the framework of each technical cooperation, CODATU proposes a programme of activities adapted to the needs of the beneficiaries, which may include:

  • Urban Mobility Forums organised at national or local level to bring together stakeholders and define a long-term vision for urban mobility
  • Participatory thematic workshops for target groups to generate innovative solutions
  • Training on specific issues (e.g. small-scale transport) for decision-makers, technicians and even operators
  • Technical visits to enable beneficiaries to benefit from feedback from other cities in the South and North, and to inspire new solutions in the field
  • Ad hoc expertise missions to support local experts on pre-identified tasks (drawing up terms of reference for new studies or projects, reviewing technical reports, etc.)
  • Pilot projects to prefigure future changes and bring together local actors around a concrete action with an impact on the population (tactical urban developments, etc.)
  • Long-term technical assistance to support beneficiaries in developing detailed studies
  • High-level advice on policy directions or a specific project
  • Access to CODATU’s peer exchange activities: International AOM Club, mentoring programme, thematic webinars, etc.

A CODATU team based partly on site and partly at headquarters (in France) leads the technical cooperation, organises the various activities and mobilises the CODATU network of expertise. It can intervene in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

For more information on past and current technical cooperation projects, please consult our fact sheets!

Are you interested? Contact us to make your project a reality:

ANGOLA: Support for the Angolan Ministry of Transport (2022 – 2025)
ECUADOR: Support for the Ministry of Transport and Public Works of Ecuador (2018 – 2022)
ARGENTINA: Support for the Government of the City of Buenos Aires in developing its urban and sustainable mobility policy (2021 – 2024)
COLOMBIA: Support for the structuring of the Regional Transport Authority for Cali and its metropolitan area (Cauca Valley Government) 2019 – 2020
PERU (2): Support for Promovilidad (programme of the Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communications) (2022 – 2025)
PERU (1): Support for Peru’s Ministry of Transport and Communications (2016-2019)
BRAZIL: Support for the Transport Secretariats of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the State of Sao Paolo (2017 – 2020)
INDIA: Support to Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) 2015-2017
TUNISIA: Technical cooperation with the Tunisian Ministry of Transport (2016-2018 and 2019-2022)
SENEGAL: Technical assistance for capacity building and reorganisation of CETUD (2017 – 2023)
EGYPT: Improvement of mobility systems in Cairo and Alexandria (2017 – 2020 extension 2023)
KENYA: Support to the Nairobi Mobility Authority (2021- 2023)
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