ECUADOR: Support for the Ministry of Transport and Public Works of Ecuador (2018 – 2022)


Ministry of Transport and Public Works of Ecuador (MTOP)



Initial budget

180 000 €

Technical partners


Type of agreement


Duration of the agreement

3 years and a half

Implementation date and schedule

Launch: November 2018 Closing: June 2022

Context of the cooperation

In Ecuador’s cities, the number of cars on the road is growing, road infrastructure is saturated and of poor quality, demand for transport is increasing and the supply is inadequate (little or no mass transport), as is the use of bicycles (particularly following the COVID-19 pandemic).

Faced with this situation, the authorities are taking action to regulate, plan and develop the transport supply. The MTOP has drawn up the National Policy for Sustainable Urban Mobility (PNMUS), and the country’s cities are developing integrated transport systems (bus network) and mass transport projects, such as the metro in Quito, the cable car in Guayaquil and the tramway in Cuenca.

In this context, in 2017 the Ecuadorian MTOP signed a declaration of intent with the French MTE for cooperation in the transport sector. To make these exchanges between Ecuador and France a reality, CODATU was mobilised under an agreement signed with AFD.

Main needs

Technical cooperation has enabled us to support teams from the Ministry and Ecuadorian municipalities in the following areas:

-Regulation of rail transport, with the drafting of a safety standard for urban guided transport in Ecuador,

-Improving cycling policy by drawing up the Cycling Infrastructure and Micromobility Manual (MTOP),

-Drawing up a vehicle labelling standard in Ecuador.

This support took the form of themed workshops and webinars, a technical visit to France, the mobilisation of experts and the funding of studies.

Codatu Team

Project manager : Lucile Boudet

Our cooperations

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