PERU (2): Support for Promovilidad (programme of the Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communications) (2022 – 2025)


Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communications (PROMOVILIDAD)



Initial budget

800 000 €

Technical partners

Type of agreement


Duration of the agreement

3 years

Implementation date and schedule

Launch: September 2022 Activities planned until May 2025

Context of the cooperation

In Peru, the National Urban Transport Policy (PNTU), published in 2019, establishes a set of objectives and prioritises the actions to be implemented in the transport and urban mobility sector.

The PNTU presents a diagnosis of the current situation and identifies the main challenges facing the sector: excessive journey times, high transport costs, considerable pollution and high accident rates. This is due to the following structural problems: poor quality public transport services, weak governance of the sector, inadequate infrastructure and a lack of coordination between transport and urban development.

In line with the PNTU, the MTC’s National Programme for Sustainable Urban Transport (PROMOVILIDAD) was created in 2019 to drive and support the creation of integrated and sustainable transport systems in Peru’s secondary cities, through technical assistance and by acting as a link between municipalities and the MTC to coordinate the actions set out in the PNTU.

In June 2022, the MTC, AFD and CODATU signed a technical cooperation agreement (the second of its kind in Peru) to support the PROMOVILIDAD team in setting up efficient, integrated and sustainable urban transport systems in the country.

Main needs

Technical cooperation led by CODATU supports PROMOVILIDAD and Peruvian municipalities in the following areas:

-Capacity building on mass transport technologies, interoperability, fare integration and single ticketing, gender issues in transport, active modes and institutional coordination.

-Support in drawing up and supervising opportunity or feasibility studies for Integrated Transport Systems (ITS) in priority cities, particularly Arequipa.

This support is being provided through the organisation of workshops, forums and technical visits, as well as the mobilisation of experts for specific support.

Codatu Team

-Cooperation officer in Lima : Francesca Gal

-Senior expert in Lima : Jean-Marc Mirailles

-Project manager : Lucile Boudet

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