TUNISIA: Technical cooperation with the Tunisian Ministry of Transport (2016-2018 and 2019-2022)


Tunisian Ministry of Transport


Agence Française de Développement (AFD)

Initial budget

Part 1 : 600 000 € - Part 2 : 650 000 €

Technical partners

Type of agreement


Duration of the agreement

Part 1 : 26 months Part 2 : 39 months

Implementation date and schedule

Part 1 : Fébruary 2016 – March 2028 March 2017 : FMU – To a PNMU in Tunisia March 2018 : FMU – Smart Mobility Tunisia Part 2 : July 2019 – october 2022 1st April 2022 : FMU – The tunisian PNMU

Context of the cooperation

Tunisian cities are experiencing strong growth in their urban population, coupled with significant urban sprawl, particularly in Greater Tunis. This uncontrolled urbanisation is leading to an increase in travel time and distance and the use of private cars and non-regular passenger transport, thereby replacing the weak and deteriorating institutional public transport offer.

The first technical cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Transport (MT), AFD and CODATU enabled MT to be supported in the planning and implementation of projects relating to the development of the public transport network. This support focused in particular on (i) the institutional restructuring of the urban transport sector in Tunisia, (ii) the development, integration and operation of public transport networks in Tunis and (iii) the planning and implementation of a multimodal policy in Tunis. This cooperation has provided a framework for three studies: “Non-scheduled passenger transport”, “Smart Mobility Tunisia” and “Environmental and social impacts of the Central Loop project carried out by the Transport Company of Tunis (TRANSTU)”.

Aware that the institutional and financial framework of the sector, as well as its operational strategies, need to be restructured to face the current challenges, the Tunisian government has developed a National Urban Mobility Policy (PNMU), within the framework of MobiliseYourCity, in order to adopt clear long-term objectives and effective action strategies for sustainable urban mobility.

Main needs

The second part of the technical cooperation focused on support for the implementation of the PNMU validated in May 2020, capacity building on interoperability and ticketing, and the development of the urban mobility training offer. An Urban Mobility Forum (FMU) was held on 1 April 2022 in the presence of the Minister of Transport, to disseminate the PNMU to all public and private actors in the urban mobility sector in Tunisia, so that they can contribute as much as possible to its implementation. Technical assistance aimed at setting up the new governance structures for urban mobility and the FNMU-National Fund for Urban Mobility was completed with the handing over of the final deliverables and the prospect of signing the presidential decree creating the CNMU and UTAC in mid-2023.

A major training programme for managers in the urban mobility sector was also launched, thus implementing one of the priority actions of the PNMU. Support for the preparation of the Greater Tunis UDP was also provided by drafting the UDP specifications and assisting in the prefiguration of the governance of the UDP process. Finally, concerning ticketing interoperability, the Greater Tunis Interoperability Charter project was co-constructed with the actors concerned, as well as the associated governance model (IFM – Interoperable Fare Management).

Codatu Team

Project Manager: Héloïse CHAUMIER

On-site Project Officer: Sophiane BEN YAALA

Contacts et referents in the country: NC

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