CODATU develops different types of partnerships, strategic, financial, technical and support.

Strategic and financial partnerships: with development banks, local and national governments, training institutions, networks or any other actor willing to finance CODATU’s actions. These actions aim in particular at the realisation of :

  • Technical cooperation for the institutional strengthening and professionalisation of urban mobility actors and operators in the cities of the South,
  • Pilot projects: these partnerships enable the Association to provide support that maximises the impact of investments in the fields of mobility and urban development and promotes the effective implementation of projects carried out by the beneficiaries.
  • Advocacy actions
  • Training for urban mobility actors (see training catalogue)

The complexity of CODATU’s missions, the values it stands for and its status as a non-profit association of general interest lead the association’s various partners to identify it as a technical and strategic partner to implement the structuring, fundamental and prerequisite conditions for the success of urban mobility projects.

Example: the strategic and financial partnership signed with the French Development Agency (AFD) in October 2022.

Technical partnerships: allow for agreements to be established with actors who have particular expertise in areas of common interest in order to mobilise this expertise when needed. They allow each signatory party to expand its network of skills, define areas of collaboration and inform each other in order to achieve common objectives. These partnerships also facilitate the representation of each party at events organised by/within which the other party participates.

Example: the technical partnership signed with the Global Fund for Cities Development (GFCD) in January 2023.

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