14 February 2024
On Tuesday 13 February 2024, CODATU was in charge of the steering committee for the taxi be modernisation project. This […]
12 February 2024
Communication mission for the project to modernise Taxis Be in Antananarivo
From 26 January to 02 February, Marie-Hélène Chapel, CODATU’s expert in sustainable mobility marketing and communication, and Jean-Jacques Helluin, CODATU’s […]
15 January 2024
A look back at the "Leaders in the modernisation of paratransit" training course in Madagascar
From 13 to 15 November 2023, CODATU organised a training course for all those involved in mobility in Madagascar. The […]
15 November 2023
CODATU innovates with its first practical training course on "Leaders in the modernisation of paratransit" in Madagascar
As part of the support provided by CODATU to the Malagasy authorities for the professionalisation of paratransit in Antananarivo (currently […]
25 October 2023
CODATU continues its action in Madagascar
Jean-Jacques Helluin, CODATU’s General Delegate, and Charles Rakotonirina, CODATU’s representative in Madagascar and a member of CODATU’s Board of Directors, led […]