20 November 2023

Technical cooperation AFD-CODATU-MTC in Peru: training cycle on sustainable urban mobility

Between 26 October and 2 November, the first cycle of thematic trainings on sustainable urban mobility developed with MobiliseYourCity training modules took place in the framework of the technical cooperation established between AFD, CODATU and the Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communications.

During 2 weeks, the PROMOVILIDAD technical team attended 4 training sessions led by the MobiliseYourCity team and facilitated by the CODATU cooperation officer, which enabled them to:

  • understand the global challenges of urban mobility, especially in Peruvian cities;
  • to know the basic concepts of sustainable mobility and the strategies needed to achieve more sustainable urban transport systems in Peru;
  • understand the advantages of walking and cycling as modes of transport and identify tools to increase their modal share in Peruvian cities;
  • become familiar with the relevant concepts of the gender and differential approach to urban mobility, as well as the relevance of this perspective for urban mobility planning in Peru;
  • to analyse the importance of paratransit in urban mobility in Peru and the importance of its transformation in order to achieve sustainable development goals.

Particular thanks to our partners MobiliseYourCity for making this initiative a reality, to the participants for their involvement and to our colleagues from the Cities in Motion Project – CIMO of the German Development Cooperation and Swiss Cooperation – SECO, implemented by GiZ and Jérémy Robert, researcher at the University of RennesIFEA  – PUCP, who accompanied us in two key modules by sharing their experience and knowledge.