17 January 2018

[Publication] Why watching African streets? The case of Lome.

Why watching African streets? The case of Lome.

Fieldwork of Master II students “Transport and sustainable mobility in African cities”

Produced in the framework of the partnership between CODATU, Senghor University and EAMAU, this publication presents the results of the field observation exercise conducted with students of the 2015 and 2016 class of Master II “Sustainable Transport and Mobility in African cities” of Lomé in Togo (EAMAU, Senghor University, CODATU, CNAM) under the direction of Marie DOLS – urban planner.

Faced with African urban challenges, the governance of mobility policies requires human resources in number and skills. It is on planning, infrastructures and management of the mobility that the students of the Master came to train and learn. Thus, the practical work that this publication presents, aims to make future executives aware of the reality of use in these streets. As we know, to acquire a look, a sensitivity to these realities, makes it possible to better take them into account in future policies and developments.

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