25 June 2024

The CODATU 2025 International Conference could be held in Marseille?

We would like to inform you that the CODATU 2025 International Conference is due to take place in Marseille in September 2025, in partnership with the Aix Marseille Provence Metropolitan Area. After many months of discussions and negotiations with the Moroccan government, we unfortunately had to abandon our initial project in Morocco due to difficulties that meant we could no longer keep to the planned timetable. Morocco is only a postponement and we regret this decision, but the solution that should be adopted will help us to hold our conference within the tight deadline of the French municipal elections in 2026 and to have a framework and environment that are conducive to the themes that Codatu focuses on around mobility and sustainable cities.

In this context, the Metropolis of Aix Marseille Provence offers us a unique opportunity to welcome the international community of sustainable mobility to its territory. Marseille and its metropolitan area are France’s gateway to the Mediterranean basin and Africa.

We will keep you informed of the progress of preparations for this event, which has received the overwhelming support of over 98% of our members in Dakar in 2022.