1 August 2023
BRAZIL: Support for the Transport Secretariats of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the State of Sao Paolo (2017 - 2020)
5 July 2023
CODATU Regional Forum "Urban Mobility in Latin America" 26-28 June 2023 in Bogota
CODATU, in partnership with Transdev and the University of the Andes, is organising the “Urban Mobility in Latin America” Forum […]
4 July 2023
A Peruvian delegation visits Colombia
A delegation of six Peruvian officials visited Colombia on the occasion of the first study trip organised as part of […]
3 July 2023
The CODATU Regional Forum in Bogota 2023: the results
The CODATU Bogota 2023 Regional Forum “Urban Mobility in Latin America” was a success! The event brought together representatives from […]
27 June 2023
Launch of CODATU Regional Forum
Monday 26 June 2023 marks the start of the CODATU Regional Forum “Urban Mobility in Latin America” in Bogota, Colombia. […]
15 May 2023
CODATU Regional Forum in Bogota: registration is open!
We announced the CODATU Regional Forum “Urban Mobility in Latin America”, which will be held in Bogota, Colombia, from 26 […]
21 April 2023
CODATU Technical Cooperation in Peru - Visits to Arequipa and Huamanga
Visits to Arequipa and Huamanga, two strategic intermediate cities located in the Andes, took place this week in order to […]
19 April 2023
CODATU technical cooperation in Peru: realization of the FONAMUSS 2023 Forum
On Monday 17 April and Tuesday 18 April 2023, the 1st National Forum on Sustainable and Safe Urban Mobility “FONAMUSS […]