4 March 2015
The Sixteenth International Conference of Urban Transport (CODATU XVI) has been co-organized with the Istanbul Technical University (ITÜ) from the […]
4 January 2013
CODATU XV - 2012 - Addis Ababa (Ethiopia): The role of urban mobility to (re) shape cities
In order to identify solutions to improve urban mobility in cities experiencing fast-growing urbanization, every two years, CODATU organizes a […]
23 March 2011
CODATU XIV - 2010 - Buenos Aires (Argentina): Sustainable transport and quality of life in the city
The fourteenth International Conference of Urban Transport (CODATU XIV) was organized in Buenos Aires, from 24th to 27th October 2010. […]
23 March 2009
CODATU XIII - 2008 - Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam): challenges and solutions for a sustainable development
The Thirteenth CODATU conference of Urban Transport (CODATU XIII) took place in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) from 12th to […]
23 March 2007
CODATU XII - 2006 - Lyon (France): City-to-city cooperation for urban mobility
The twelfth CODATU conference took place in Lyon, on the topic : “City-to-city cooperation for urban mobility”. COMMUNICATIONS Préface actes […]
25 April 2004
CODATU XI - 2004 - Bucharest (Romania) : Towards more attractive urban transport
CODATU XI conference took place in Bucharest (Romania) from the 22nd to the 24th of April 2004. Urban public transport […]
25 June 2002
CODATU X - 2002 - Lomé (Togo): Urban mobility for all
Thème de la conférence : la mobilité urbaine pour tous “La mobilité urbaine pour tous” est affirmée par les participants […]
25 July 2000
CODATU IX - 2000 - Mexico (Mexique): Urban Transport and Environment
Thème de la conférence : transports urbains et environnement Près de 300 propositions de communications ont été soumises à l’appréciation […]
25 July 1998
CODATU VIII - 1998 - Cape Town (Afrique du Sud)- Urban transport policy: a sustainable development tool
Thème de la conférence : “La politique de déplacements urbains, outil du développement durable” Les conclusions de la conférence CODATU […]
25 June 1995
CODATU VII - 1996 - New Delhi (India): Urban Transport in developing countries
Thème de la conférence : “Transports urbains dans les pays en développement” Discours de Richard DARBERA, Co-Président du Comité Scientifique […]