Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE)
One-off partner in the promotion of decentralised cooperation, capacity building and the publication of works with a view to raising the international profile of French systems for organising mobility.
Senghor University
Senghor University, CODATU's partner in setting up short or diploma courses for urban mobility actors in Africa, and in creating a network of training institutes.
SYTRAL Mobilités
SYTRAL Mobilités participates in international actions to promote good practice in governance and public transport systems, in particular by hosting foreign delegations.
URBALYON participates in cooperation actions on themes related to the creation of urban agencies, the implementation of Urban Travel Plans (PDU), and the training of managers on subjects related to urban planning.
World Bank
The World Bank : Animation of the Community of Practice of mobility actors in the Mediterranean Implementation of the LUTP programme (Leaders in Urban Transport Planning) Setting up of a technical cooperation project with the Douala Urban Community in connection with the BRT project
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