18 April 2019

First day of school for the 2nd year of the Transport Master Programme in Rabat!

Master « Transport and sustainable mobilities in urban areas » in Rabat

First day of school for the 2nd year, April 2019

The new students of the Master « Transport and sustainable mobilities » were welcomed at the Institut National d’Aménagement et d’Urbanisme (INAU), Saturday 6 April 2019, whereas the students of the first year are currently achieving their internship. This Master exists thanks to the partnership between Senghor University, l’Institut National d’Aménagement et d’Urbanisme in Rabat, and CODATU.

During the first day the new students were presented the curriculum of the program, which differs from the Master implemented in Lomé mainly because it is an ongoing training in Rabat. Hence, the education in classroom takes part over the period of a year, with classes happening every second weekend. The students do their intership afterwards, which also leads them to write a thesis. After this introduction, Solène Baffi (CODATU) did a presentation about the main concepts and notions in the field of transport and mobility in African cities, and Mohamed Hanzaz (INAU) presented on the urban dynamics and collective transport in the metropolitan area of greater Rabat. These presentations allowed for a stimulating discussion with the students, proof of their interest in the topics addressed in the training program.

The fiften Maroccan students are indeed for most of them familiar with issues dealing with urban planning and transport due to their personal work experience. Several students gained experience in a consultant agency, others work at planning agencies in the country or within national departments. The expertise and experience of these students is promising in order to foster abundant discussions and the development of an in-depth knowledge on the topics that interest them.

During the semester, both local and international experts will lecture. It is also important to recall the essential contribution of the Club of Partners, who make this program possible (RATP, Transdev, Keolis, Artelia, Iveco Bus, Transitec), by funding scolarships for students, offering thesis topics and internships, and sometimes even by allowing experts to give lectures. Several scolarships were also awarded by the National Department of Marocco and its planning agencies, and one scolarship was made available by the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie.

We wish the new students a fulfilling year ahead !