14 December 2017

CODATU attends the constitution in association of the ‘Fabrique des Mobilités’

an ecosystem to innovate and collaborate!

On December 7th, CODATU was at the “Paris Open Source Summit” to attend the constitution in association of the “Fabrique des Mobilités”, a project initiated by the ADEME and the Ministry of Transport, which aims to support innovation in the transport and mobility sector. The Fabrique des Mobilités is a European acceleration program that provides support to entrepreneurs in the form of organized resources, such as training, access to experimental areas, access to data or user communities. By becoming an association, the Fabrique structures its network, made up of startups, entrepreneurs, communities, laboratories, schools, and strengthens the ecosystem.

In an interview, Gabriel Plassat, its founder, expresses very well the objective of La Fabrique des Mobilités: “To bring together actors who do not have the same culture of innovation to gradually bring them into concrete projects, and thus to develop a new culture of innovation” through the emergence and production of useful and strategic commons, open and shared resources.

CODATU will confirm its membership in the Fabrique very soon, and hopes to contribute very quickly to the “commons”.

To find out more, visit the Fabrique website (https://lafabriquedesmobilites.fr/ ) or their wiki (https://wiki.lafabriquedesmobilites.fr/wiki/Accueil).