CODATU strongly contributed to the preparation and animation of the 1st Urban Mobility Forum in NIAMEY (Niger), alongside its member RATP Coopération and with financial support from AFD (Mobilize Your City program). This forum had been in preparation for more than a year, when CODATU had carried out an exploratory mission to Niger at the request of the President of the Special Delegation of the city of Niamey, Mr. Mouctar Mamoudou. Following this mission, the city of Niamey had joined the Mobilise Your City initiative. Later, the concept of Forum proposed by CODATU appeared relevant in order to be able to collectively validate a diagnosis of mobility in Niamey, and propose a roadmap for the next years.

This forum of January 15 and 16, 2020 was introduced by the Minister of Transport of Niger and the President of the Special Delegation of Niamey, in front of more than 200 people. After an inventory prepared with the support of the University of Niamey, thematic groups worked in parallel, and the experiences of the cities of Ouagadougou and Douala were presented and discussed. Finally, an operational roadmap, specifying the deadlines (emergencies, short, medium, long term) and those responsible, was validated by the PDS of Niamey in his final speech.

It is summed up in 4 axes:

  • Improve the governance of the urban mobility at the Greater Niamey scale with the organisation of a dedicated entity that can be gradually strengthened, as well as decision decision support tools
  • Supervise urban sprawl and promote a more compact and multipolar city, the PDS having presented in the final session the outline of the principle of structuring the future strong axes of the city and its secondary poles.
  • Improve artisanal transport through a coherent set of measures, beneficial for both users and operators: urban development, professionalization (training, mutual insurance for drivers, etc.), support measures (purchase and operation of vehicle, EIG) , improving operating conditions, securing administrative procedures, etc.
  • Define a strategy for institutional transport by Bus, designed to complement artisanal transport

The implementation is based initially on the creation of a dedicated cell within the City of Niamey. A global and external follow-up could be envisaged with CODATU, mobilizing its specialized members if necessary.

A detailed report is available for CODATU members, on request from