On January 23, the 2017-2018 third class students of the Master II “Transport and Sustainable Mobility in African Cities” organised by Senghor University of Alexandria, CNAM, African Crafts School of Architecture and Urbanism (EAMAU) and CODATU, defended their dissertations. There were 15 students, including 3 women with Marie Jeanne Saleh as Major of the promotion.

Dissertations [in French]:

Improvement of urban public transport in Bafoussam, Cameroon: proposal for a bus network, submitted by Chanela Nera Kepawou Kenmoe, under the direction of Dr. Michel Tindano, transport economist and educational coordinator of the Master

Prospective study of rail passenger transport offer between Lomé, its suburbs and its satellite towns, submitted by Essowaba Egbeleo, under the direction of Dr. Michel Tindano

Sustainable transport offer in N’Djamena (Chad): improved travel between the city center and the Toukra outlying district, submitted by Marie Jeanne Saleh, under the direction of Dr. Michel Tindano and Dr. Benoît Danvide, urbanist and environmentalist

Traffic accidents in the Commune of Mbour in Senegal: state of play and proposals, submitted by Ousseynou Mane, under the direction of Pr. Tchaou Samala

Quality of the SOTRAL (transport society of Lomé, editor’s note) transport service: analysis and pratical proposals, submitted by Gado Mayimbo, under the direction of Mawuena K. Tchini, urban planner

Dakar minibus renewal program: what strategy to better take into account the quality of service offered by “rapid bus” and the “ndiaga ndiaye” in the next phase of renewal?, submitted by Modou Diaw, under the direction of Jean-Charles Crochet, CODATU consultant

CODATU congratulates all the students and thanks them for their involvement and their contribution to the development of a sustainable mobility in African cities.

Note that the Master now has two co-chairs, Mawuena Tchini and Dr. Michel Tindano, and that EAMAU and the Togolese Ministry of Higher Education and Research integrate the CODATU Partners Club. Finally, one of the students, Abelim Passoli, has just been elected to the National Assembly of Togo.