17 January 2018
[Publication] Why watching African streets? The case of Lome. Fieldwork of Master II students “Transport and sustainable mobility in African […]
18 October 2017
The Kochi Metro Experience: A valuable contribution to the history of Indian metros
To highlight the many learnings gathered during the two-year Technical Cooperation between AFD (French Agency for Development), SYTRAL (Transport Authority […]
11 October 2017
The Great Jury of the Master II "Sustainable transport and mobility in african cities" of Senghor University in Lomé congratulates the work of two students from school year 2016-2017 for the quality of their master's thesis
The Great Jury of the Master II “Sustainable transport and mobility in african cities” of Senghor University in Lomé congratulates […]
31 August 2017
PhD Thesis defence noticed by CODATU : "Urban Planning Coalition : articulation between road infrastructure and land value in urban fabric. The case of Tananarive (Madagascar)"
PHD Thesis defence noticed by CODATU, in urban planning and urban policies at the Paris Urban Planning School : Urban […]
7 June 2017
Second Seminar in Phuket (Thailand) : "Transport in the city: How to speed-up high quality and efficient projects?"
A first Thai-French Seminar in Bangkok (November 2016) This second seminar on Urban Transport organized in Phuket last May comes […]
6 June 2017
Annual Report 2016
The year 2016 has been full of activities for CODATU association. The whole team is delighted to present, through the […]
31 March 2017
Fare integration and the unique ticketing system in Mediterranean cities
The fare integration and the single ticketing system as a fundamental pillar for the development of an integrated public transport […]
31 March 2017
A walk through Kochi (Kerala, India)
A walk through Kochi (Kerala, India) Authors: Roman Ville-Glasauer & Bella Ullas In this experimental walk, we are trying to […]
25 September 2016
Car Free Days : Coming Soon in Your City !
September 22 is the World Car Free Day, a day that encourages drivers to abandon their car for a day […]
16 November 2015
[Journal] CODATU in the OCEMO edition No.4, November 2015: "The Mediterranean Economic Week"
The office of Economic Cooperation for the Mediterranean and Middle East (OCEMO) was founded in late 2011, with the initial […]