21 December 2016

[WEBINAR in French] Public Transport fare policies: a Challenge for Mediterranean Cities

organised leverage on the activities of the Community of Practice for Sustainable Urban Transport in the Mediterranean

The Community of Practice for Sustainable Urban Transport is pleased to invite you to its Webinar in French on the topic:

Public Transport Fare Policies: a Challenge for Mediterranean Cities

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

11:00 Rabat, Algiers, Tunis / Paris 12:00 / 13h00 Beirut

The Webinar will be in French

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Users represent an important source of funding to guarantee the operation of public transport systems, through the purchase of transport tickets. However, pricing policies must face a dual challenge. On the one hand different categories of users have to be taken into consideration and the ticket price has to be acceptable. Several cities subsidize their transport system and set up a social fare that allows to cover the cost of subscriptions according to the socio-economic category. On the other hand, operators seek to make the network as profitable as possible and must bear significant maintenance and operating costs. These issues must be placed in various Mediterranean contexts considering the public financial capacity and the quality of the service provided.

In order to address these multiple issues, we invited Mr. Nouaille Pierre-François, an expert on financing issues at CEREMA and Mr. Wahid Ben Slimane, responsible for the fare integration and ticketing project at Transtu (Tunis). During the first half-hour, Wahid Ben Slimane will present the issues related to the fare integration project for Tunis’s public transport network and the responses that the Tunisian actors are considering. Afterwards, Pierre-François Nouaille will held a presentation on the French experience in terms of pricing policy through some real examples. Both presentations will highlight the main obstacles encountered and the strategies put in place to overcome. The second half-hour will be entirely dedicated to the auditors’ questions with the purpose of promoting collaborative learning and capacity building.

The webinar will be structured as a radio program and, thanks to the online platform ma-visioconférence.fr, the speakers and the listeners will be able to connect remotely. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions online throughout the duration of the webinar (1h) and speakers will try to provide answers during the second part of the event.

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