25 September 2023

The project involving RESALLIENCE and CODATU has been signed by ADEME

This project, submitted by RESALLIENCE and CODATU to ADEME, is entitled “Reinforcing Multilateral International initiatives on Climate change Adaptation“. It will help to strengthen the consideration given to adapting cities to climate change within the two partnerships, GlobalABC and MobiliseYourCity.

GlobalABC is the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction, which functions as a meta-platform bringing together initiatives and players committed to a common vision: that of a zero-emission, efficient and resilient building and construction sector.

The MobiliseYourCity (MYC) global partnership for sustainable urban mobility gives cities the means to improve urban mobility and take local action to combat the climate crisis.

To ensure that adaptation to climate change is taken more fully into account in multilateral international initiatives, it is necessary to propose and disseminate to international players principles and tools for implementing adaptation to climate change in a coherent way in different sectors (transport, construction, etc.) and at different scales (buildings, cities, countries, etc.). Yet these issues have often been dealt with in isolation. GlobalABC has focused on the built environment by publishing the 10 principles for adapting buildings (in 2021), while CODATU has focused on urban mobility by developing the 10 principles for adapting urban mobility (in 2022).

The project proposes a crossover approach between the built environment and mobility, two key and inseparable aspects of urban resilience that govern the activities of people in their environment. Until now, the complementary nature of these two approaches has received very little international attention, even though it is the driving force behind tomorrow’s urban planning, particularly in developing countries. The example of the development of tramway projects with facade-to-facade improvements is a case in point and could be one of the cases studied in the context of improving urban resilience.

This cross-disciplinary approach will enable us to develop the 10 essential principles for adapting urban planning to climate change, through the prism of the link between mobility and the built environment. To do this, we will jointly apply the 10 principles for adapting buildings from the GlobalABC and the 10 principles for adapting urban mobility from CODATU, in line with the ISO EN 14090-Adaptation to climate change standard and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, while favouring nature-based solutions in order to strengthen the social and environmental co-benefits.

The project includes initiatives in the areas of leadership, communication, training and foresight.

The financial aid from ADEME (Agence de la Transition Ecologique), which has been approved and signed, will enable our group to collaborate on this project, which is due to start in October. It’s a great initiative, and we’ll be keeping you regularly informed of progress!