3 December 2018

Technical cooperation Brazil – Partners from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo visit multimodal stations in France

As part of the technical cooperation among the French Development Agency (AFD), Île-de-France Mobilités, the State of São Paulo and the State of Rio de Janeiro, one technical visit were held in France between October 15th to 19th in Lyon, Paris and Strasbourg. Organized by Egis, Arep and CODATU, this study tour is part of the activities of the prefeasibility studies for Palmeiras-Barra Funda station, in São Paulo, and Central do Brasil station, in Rio.

Representing Rio de Janeiro, Christiane Ammon (Architect of the Governmental Integration Metropolitan Chamber) and Daniela Javoski (Architect of the town hall). Representing São Paulo, Rodrigo Guedes (Architect of the Metropolitan Company) and Rodrigo Neres (Architect of the Metropolitan Trains Company). The Brazilian group was welcomed by the local teams of Egis and Arep, in Lyon and Paris, respectively. The institution mix allowed a very rich technical and interinstitutional exchange between Brazilians and Frenchs.

Work sessions at egis Rail and Arep. PhOtos: Rodrigo Guedes

The tour goal was to reinforce the experience exchanges started during CODATU workshops held in Brazil, allowing the Brazilian delegation to refine its technical expertise in terms of French multimodal stations. The participants were able to compare project context from both Brazilian cities, see French examples presented in Brazil, as well as to work on the Brazilian projects with the French team.

Gare de versailles-chantier and Gare de Lyon (Paris) And Maison du projet de Lyon Part-Dieu. Photos: Daniela Javoski

Technical visits and working meetings composed the week programme. In Paris, they visited Gare de Lyon, Gare de l’Est and Versailles-Chantier. There were also some workshops and presentations of some relevant French case studies to the Brazilian stations’ projects. In Lyon, beyond knowing Egis activities over the world, the delegation visited the urban renovation project Lyon-Part Dieu and the RhoneExpress, tram-train line linking the Part Dieu station to the airport. Finally, the group went to Strasbourg to visit its train station.

CODATU thanks the participants help in writing this article.