17 November 2013

SYTRAL exploratory mission in Vientiane

& approximative translation)
Following the cooperation agreement signed by the city of Vientiane and SYTRAL May 7, 2013 for the period 2013-2015 . RIVALTA Bernard , president of SYTRAL du18 led a delegation to the November 20, 2013 in the capital of Laos. He will be received by Soukanh Mahalat , Governor of Vientiane Lao Sommad PHOLSENA transport minister who came to Lyon in August. The objective of this mission is to identify areas of cooperation in which both partners will work in the coming years . Representatives of the Planning Agency for Development and CODATU Lyon , in charge of the technical part of this cooperation, meet with local officials in charge of planning and transport in Vientiane to prepare a workshop work will take place in February 2014.

Governorate Vientiane today 700 to 800 000, with an urban growth rate of 3 % per year over a very large area (about 4000 km2). The central urban center covers about 200 km2 and 350,000 inhabitants . The modal share of travel in 2005 are 25% for pedestrians, 60% for two-wheelers , 11% for the car, and only 4% for transit , including tuk tuk (2000 vehicles in the city ) and other modes of transportation crafts . Public company in the city ( VSBC ) has fifty bus. Since the early 2000s, the growth in car ownership is very high : 20% per year for cars and 10% per year for motorcycles. Congestion in the town becomes particularly problematic for Lao leaders who wish to develop the network of urban public transport .