SETEC ITS, a subsidiary of the SETEC group dedicated to urban transport and mobility engineering.

SETEC ITS is the subsidiary of the SETEC group dedicated to urban transport and mobility engineering.

A multidisciplinary engineering group created in 1957, SETEC provides services in the fields of Transport Infrastructures and Systems, Building, Energy, Industry, Environment, Regional Planning and Telecoms & IS.
SETEC is involved in the entire life cycle of projects: from the initial upstream technical and economic studies, to the management of their implementation, to their maintenance and operation, in all their technical, environmental and economic aspects. With more than thirty subsidiaries on a human scale, specialised by business line, and with a share capital that is 100% owned by its engineers, the SETEC group is positioned at the service of its clients, both close and independent.

SETEC ITS is a leader in France on the ITS markets dedicated to public transport, in particular ticketing (Paris, Lyon, Marseille…), TAD, self-driving vehicles and Maas. SETEC ITS is also a recognised expert in energy transition in France and internationally.

SETEC ITS is the main advisor to the Ivorian government for all the technical, operational and maintenance issues of the future Line 1 of the Abidjan Metro, which is today the most ambitious urban transport project in sub-Saharan Africa.
In addition to being a key player in several other structuring projects both in Africa (Dakar TER and BRT, Casablanca BHNS, etc.) and worldwide (Macao, Bogota, Montreal metros, etc.), SETEC is clearly positioned on a global approach including all mobility service operators.

In this respect, it can be noted that the countries of the South, with a high proportion of private or even artisanal operators, require contextualised and innovative approaches which are already the strength of SETEC ITS.

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