Richez_Associés, cabinet d’architectes, urbanistes et paysagistes

Founded in 1985, Richez_Associés brings together a multi-disciplinary and complementary team of architects, town planners and landscape architects around four partners: Thomas Richez, Vincent Cottet, Céline Abergel and Michele Circella.

Over 120 employees, driven by a cross-disciplinary approach to their professions, have been designing buildings, neighbourhoods, public spaces, landscapes and mobility facilities for over 40 years.

This openness to three related disciplines is a powerful stimulus to creativity: the design of a new district, the renewal of a city centre or the invention of a place for mobility is nourished by both architectural desires and visions of public spaces.


Public spaces and mobility: the DNA of Richez_Associés

It was through the development of tramway lines that Richez_Associés developed its expertise in mobility and the sharing of public space.
From the integration of public transport infrastructure to the creation of stations and the calming of urban thoroughfares, the diversity of our projects and achievements places us at the forefront of sustainable mobility.


The lab: Richez_Associés’ monitoring and innovation laboratory

In 2020, Richez_Associés created the lab, an internal organisation designed to support the agency’s ambition for balanced, responsible and sustainable development.

The lab’s mission is to: support the design choices made by the studios to ensure that the agency’s projects meet the highest standards, in response to new environmental, socio-economic and health challenges; capitalise on and disseminate knowledge and skills, in a spirit of collective intelligence and cross-functionality; carry out a multi-thematic monitoring and forecasting mission to ensure that the agency is part of a learning enterprise.


Practical information
2 rue de la Roquette
75011 Paris
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