ODA, management and development consultancy.

ODA is a management and development consultancy specialising in the following areas
– strategy and organisational development consulting
– institutional, spatial and socio-economic change processes.

Founded in 1999, ODA combines the skills, networks and knowledge capital of some of Southern Africa’s leading practitioners in the areas of business strategy, institution building, organisational development, applied economic development research and urban sector reform.

The company has extensive experience in private and public sector environments and the public-private interface. Over the past decade, we have successfully operated in the following sectors
– Passenger transport
– Biodiversity conservation and environmental management
– Tourism
– Forestry and wood processing
– Energy
– Processing and export of agricultural products
– Maritime services
– Public services :
o Education
o Trade and industry
o Business and public entities
o Health
– Local government :
o Metropolitan and secondary cities
o Districts
o Local authorities

Over the past decade, ODA has played a leading role in various aspects of the public sector, local government and urban sector reforms that have followed South Africa’s democratisation. ODA is one of South Africa’s leading local government advisors and provides unique added value in addressing the challenges of urban integration.

ODA operates mainly in the sub-Saharan region. ODA’s head office is located in Cape Town, South Africa, and our Gauteng project office is located in the city of Tshwane (Pretoria), South Africa.

Its current activities focus on
– advising on business strategy, institution building and organisational development
– Provision of urban strategy, planning and development services, and programme management.
– Applied research and advice on socio-economic development strategy.

Practical information

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