Association des Maires des Grandes Villes de Madagascar (AMGVM)

The Association des Maires des Grandes Villes de Madagascar (AMGVM) promotes CODATU's contact with representatives of Malagasy cities in order to provide them with support on issues related to urban mobility.

Created on June 03, 2016, the Association of Mayors of Major Cities of Madagascar has as objectives to:

  • To represent and defend the interests of the member cities of the Association;
  • To support the municipalities in the search for technical and financial partnerships at the national and international level granted by the State;
  • To ensure the visibility of Malagasy cities on the international scene;
  • Networking the major cities of Madagascar in order to strengthen the development link between member cities.

As a result, it occupies an important place in the institutional framework of decentralisation at both national and international levels.

The association implements all legal measures necessary for the achievement of its objectives, notably

  • Organisation of meetings, conferences, seminars or any other gathering;
  • Media communication in all its forms;
  • Proposes, carries out and coordinates surveys/studies relating to municipal life;
  • Conclude partnerships, enter into contracts;
  • Solicits funding;

Practical information

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