The 8th Africities Summit, organised by United Local Government and Cities of Africa (CGLU), in collaboration with the Moroccan Communal Council Presidents Association (AMPCC) and the Association for Moroccan Regions (ARM) and supported by the Kingdom of Morocco Home Secretary, took place in Marrakesh from 20 to 24 November 2018.

The theme of this edition was « Transition towards sustainable cities and territories, the role of territorial communities in Africa”. Three special days were organised around Migration, Climate, and Urban planification issues. The meeting was attended by 8300 participants representing more than 77 countries, including 53 African countries and around 3000 local officials, mayors and territorial communities’ leaders.

MobiliseYourCity Morocco program representatives were present and participated to the round table exchanges about “The Sustainable Mobility Revolution”.

The Africities Summit 2018 pointed out two key actors without whom transition towards sustainable cities and territories wouldn’t be possible in Africa: women and young people.

The 9th Africities Summit edition will be held in 2021 in Kisumu, Kenya.

For more information, read here the report of MobiliseYourCity