urban transport solutions:

the challenges of financing and integration of networks”


The seminarIndo-french seminar took place on June, 23rd of 2014 in Bandung (Indonesia). The scope of this seminar was to bring ideas to be further explored in Indonesia and especially in the metropolitan areas that are facing major urban transport issues.

This seminar on urban transportation was initiated by AFD (French Agency for Development), BUSINESS FRANCE (French Agency for the International Promotion of French Companies) and the French Embassy in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS) of Indonesia. The West Java Provincial Government, the City Government of Bandung and
the National Railway Company PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) supported the progress of the event to feed the reflction related to the development of the Bandung railway transport system.

Participants composed of elected officials, decision-makers, researchers and technicians from the transport sector raised many questions such as:

  • “How can the Government collaborate to accelerate infrastructures’ implementation?”,
  • “How to involve the community?”,
  • “How to implement tools such as PPP in Indonesian cities?”,
  • “How to change from a private-own system to a public-own system?”,
  • “Is it the best solution to develop infrastructures first in order to change habits, or should people change their attitude first?”,
  • “How to cooperate with international cities?”…

The seminar allowed to discuss some international experiences, bringing some part of the answers to these questions. References to experiences of success or failure are important to learn, and to avoid repeating mistakes. Given the fast technological advances of Indonesia, the country expects to achieve a “frog leap” in the field of urban transportation, by skipping the conventional development phases that some other emerging countries are experiencing.

The report, produced by Des Villes et Des Hommes, consultants for sustainable mobility and member of the CODATU network, is available in English and Indonesian.