12 April 2016

Program of the Workshop « HABITAT III : the accessibility we need » – Paris, April 13th 2016

and CNAM wish to promote exchanges between experts towards Habitat III and the New Urban Agenda preparation process with the aim of advancing discussions around the urban mobility role in building local responses to global development challenges.

Presently, the international community and the civil society are becoming mobilized through the World Urban Campaign; trying to imagine the city of the future, which requires the questioning of past models and approaches considering both the opportunities offered by technological and social innovation and the risks spread by the economic and natural resources crisis.

Following the message sent from CODATU to Habitat II in 1996, this workshop aims to enrich the currently being prepared CODATU message to Habitat III of 2106; focusing on urban accessibility challenges that face cities of the developing world. Many challenges were synthesized by expert groups in Policy Papers constituting the backbone of the New Urban Agenda. In this context, CODATU wants to share and explore the vision of its various members towards this position paper “message” that will represent a shared vision between the different stakeholders and will go beyond the term ‘sustainable’ by offering concrete solutions to real challenges.

The event is organised along two key streams of working groups (WGs). The morning session three WGs focus will be on accessibility and envisaged Habitat III policies. In the afternoon session, two WGs will focus on the accessibility we need related to future directions.

At the end of the seminar, the findings of the thematic WGs will serve as input to the message that is currently being prepared by the Permanent Scientific and Technical Committee (PSTC) of CODATU to Habitat III.

Program of the workshop

Participants are advised to read the Habitat III Policy Papers
9h00 – 10h00 Opening plenary and presentation of the programme – Room: Amphi Laussédat
  • Olivier Faron, General Manager, CNAM Paris (to be confirmed)
  • Ela Babalik-Sutcliffe, Associate Professor at the Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey)
  • Ali Huzayyin, Vice-president of CODATU and Professor at the Cairo University (Egypt)
  • Lorenza Tomasoni, Project Manager, CODATU
10h00 – 10h30 Coffee break
10h30 – 12h30 Working groups – The accessibility we need: spotlight on current habitat III policies Rooms: 31.2.89, 31.2.85, 35.1.53
  • Group 1: Accessibility and people– Leaded by Valérie Ongolo-Zogo, Professor at the Yaoundé University (Cameroun) and Eric Huybrecht, Architect-Urban Planner, IAU-IDF
    Policy Papers: 1. Right to the City and Cities for All, 2. Socio-Cultural Urban Framework, 7. Urban Economic Development Strategies
  • Group 2: Accessibility and governance– Leaded by Ela Babalik-Sutcliffe Associate Professor at the Middle East Technical University (Ankara) and Marie Molino, Project manager, GART
    Policy Papers: 3. National Urban Policies, 4. Urban Governance, Capacity and Institutional Development, 5. Municipal Finance and Local Fiscal System
  • Group 3: Accessibility and planning–Leaded by Benjamin Michelon, Associate Professor and Project Manager, Paris Est University Marne-la-Vallée and Groupe Huit and Thierry Delobel, Project Manager, Transitec
    Policy Papers: 6. Urban Spatial Strategies: Land Market and Segregation, 8. Urban Ecology and Resilience, 9. Urban Services and Technology, 10. Housing Policies
12h30 – 13h30 Quick Lunch
13h30 – 14h15 Knowledge cafe’
14h15 – 15h45 Working groups -The accessibility we need: spotlight on future directions Rooms: 31.2.89, 31.2.85, 35.1.53
  • Group 1: Accessibility, the Policies we need – Leaded by Isabelle Coppée, Project manager, RATP International, and Julien Allaire, Executive Manager, CODATU
  • Group 2: Accessibility, the Dialogue we need– Leaded by Candice Le Tourneur, Project Manager, AVITEM and Lorenza Tomasoni, Project manager, CODATU
15h45 – 16h15 Presentation of WG conclusions (15’ each WG) – Room: Amphi Laussédat
16h15 – 16h45 Break
16h45 – 17h30 Closing plenary – Room: Amphi Laussédat
  • Yves-Laurent Sapoval, French Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Bureau Habitat III
  • Ali Huzayyin, Vice-president of CODATU and Julien Allaire, Executive Manager CODATU
Participants are advised to read the Habitat III Policy Papers.


Amphitheater Laussédat at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM),
2 Rue Conté 75003 Paris
Free event. Limited places. Registration required.

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