Past CODATU conferences

CODATU I2-5 May 1980 Dakar«World Conference on Transport Planning in the Cities of Developing Countries»University of Dakar
CODATU II18-20 October 1982 Caracas« Urban Transport in Developing Countries »Municipality of Caracas
CODATU III20-23 January 1986 Cairo«Urban Transport in Developing Countries: Constraints & Opportunities»Cairo University – DRTPC
CODATU IV5-10 June 1988 Jakarta«Urban Transport in Developing Countries: What Policies for our Cities»ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung)
CODATU V24-28 September 1990 Sao Paulo«Urban Transport in Developing Countries»ANTP (National Association of Public Transport)
CODATU VI15-19 February 1993 Tunis«Urban Transport in Developing Countries»City of Tunis
CODATU VII12-16 February 1996 New Delhi«Urban Transport and Integrated Development»Parliament House, New Delhi
CODATU VIII21-25 September 1998 Cape Town«Urban Travel Policy: Tools for Sustainable Development»Municipality of Cape Town
CODATU IX11-14 April 2000 Mexico City«Urban Travel and the Environment»City of Mexico
CODATU X12-15 November 2002 Lomé«Urban Mobility for All»City of Lomé
CODATU XI22-24 April 2004  Bucharest«How to make urban transport more attractive?»Ministry of Transport of Bucharest
CODATU XII5-7 July 2006 Lyon«Decentralised cooperation for urban transport: when the world’s local authorities exchange their experiences»Le Grand Lyon, Rhône Alpes Region, SYTRAL
CODATU XIII12-14 November 2008 Ho Chi Minh City«The challenges of sustainable transport development in cities of developing countries: good solutions»  Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee
CODATU XIV25-27 October 2010 Buenos Aires«Sustainable transport and quality of life in cities»  Government of the City of Buenos Aires
CODATU XV22-25 October 2012 Addis Ababa«The role of urban mobility in (re)shaping cities»  Municipality of Addis Ababa
CODATU XVI2-5 February 2015 Istanbul«Energy, climate and air quality issues: the role of urban transport policies in developing countries and emerging economies»  Istanbul Technical University
CODATU XVII4-6 November 2017 Hyderabad«Smart, inclusive and sustainable mobility»Institute of Urban Transport (India)
CODATU XVIII22-23 November 2021 Online«Convergence between research and public policies: present and future challenges for transport and urban mobility of goods and people in emerging and developing countries»   
Sustainable Mobility and Climate Week (SMDC 2022)3-7 october 2022 Dakar«Challenges and issues of the transport sector and climate in developing countries»CETUD / Climate Chance
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