Historically, CODATU has contributed to the development of knowledge on paratransit by promoting research on this issue at its conferences since 1980.

Indeed, this sector continues to meet the mobility needs of a significant part of the urban population in many cities in the South, it adapts to changing demand without subsidy from the authorities and provides a large number of jobs. However, this sector also generates and participates in significant negative externalities, both in terms of pollution, congestion and the often precarious working conditions of operators. This inescapable role of the artisanal sector, as well as the need to reduce negative externalities and improve the quality of service, explains the attention given to this subject, and the multiplication of projects aiming to modernise, professionalise and integrate this sector into the system of sustainable urban mobility in the cities of the South.

For several years, the association has also been involved in publications and the development of methodological tools to enable experts, technicians, decision-makers and managers from local authorities and international financial agencies to deepen their knowledge of this subject and to familiarise themselves with projects on the integration of paratransit. Through this capitalisation effort, the aim is above all to report on positive feedback and the limits of the measures put in place in certain territories, and to promote the sharing of experience between peers.

In addition, CODATU has recently been involved in the implementation of projects to professionalise and integrate small-scale transport, both in the context of its technical cooperation (Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Angola) and pilot projects (Madagascar).

Main documentary references


Participation et organisation of events

-Asia and the Pacific Transport Forum 2022, plenary session Pathways to accessible, safe and inclusive transport : “Understanding the role of paratransit services in accessible and inclusive transport”

-Sustainable Mobility and Climate Week 2022, plenary session “Strategies for integrating artisanal transport into sustainable urban mobility systems

– POLIS Conference, session Out-of-the box : exploring new cases for electromobility : “Developing paratransit electrification policies: case studies analysis”

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