13 June 2019

New areas of cooperation with Ecuador

Following the activities conducted in 2018 (technical visit in France and workshop on cycling infrastructures in Ecuador), CODATU renews its cooperation agreement with AFD and the Ministry of Transport and Public Works in Ecuador (MTOP), in order to work in two areas :

  • The implementation of a rail regulation for Ecuador, as 3 major rail projects will be inaugurated shortly : the metro project in Quito, the urban cablecar in Guayaquil, the tram in Cuenca. This project is benefiting from the technical support of the STRMTG (Technical Service for cablecars and guided transport). A first mission of CODATU and the STRMTG will be organised the week of 17th june, 2019;
  • The reduction of emissions of private cars, through the strenghtening of the vehicle-testing process and vehicle labelling. This theme will benefit from the technical support of the Air Quality Department of the French Ministry for the Ecological Transition, in association with the National Agency for Transit (ANT) in Ecuador. The objective will be to realize (i) an environmental diagnosis of the vehicle fleet in Ecuador (level of emissions and fuel consumption), (ii) a proposal of categorization for vehicule labelling, (iii) the implementation of procedures in vehicle-testing centres.