30 March 2021

Moto-taxi e-hailing apps in African cities: an overview of current practices

Authors : Solène Baffi, Lucile Boudet et Noémi Mené

Fast, relatively cheap, and very flexible, moto-taxis became a major mobility solution for inhabitants in many African cities. Formerly concentrated in capital cities of some countries, mototaxis became unavoidable, sometimes uncontrollable, in many municipalities. Aware of this urban and economical dynamic, many digital companies started e-haling apps to put in contact drivers and users. This article gives an overview of current practices and challenges around those platforms of the digital economy and their links to public authorities. It follows a tradition of interest at CODATU for artisanal transport and its changes. The article was written based on a review of scientific literature, interviews, and insights from professional as well as on a press review.

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