1 December 2015

MobiliseYourCity Official Launch during the Transport Focus at COP21

initiative MobiliseYourCity aims at strengthening urban mobility planning in developing countries to reduce urban transport greenhouse gas emissions. Robert Beugré Mambé, Gouvernor of Abidjan District and Louis Nègre, Vice-President of Nice Métropolis and President of GART will launch officially the programme the 3rd of December during the Transport Focus as one of the selected intiatives of Lima-Paris Action Agenda.

Already 17 cities expressed their interest… what about yours?

Already 17 cities have expressed their interest to join the initiative:
– Abidjan, Ivory Coast ;
– Agadir, Morocco;
– Ahmedabad, India;
– Amman, Jordan;
– Bouake, Ivory Coast;
– Curitiba, Brazil;
– Dakar, Senegal;
– Kara, Togo;
– Kigali, Rwanda;
– Kochi, India;
– Korhogo, Ivory Coast;
– Irbid, Jordan;
– Lahore, Pakistan;
– Lomé, Togo;
– Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso;
– Praia, Cape Verde;
– Sfax, Tunisia.

Many other cites will join the initiative in the coming weeks.

To be officially candidate, cities are invited to send a letter of expression of interest to Dominique Bussereau, President of CODATU before the end of march 2016.
You want to be part of the initiative ? contact us !

MobiliseYourCity aims to accompagny 100 cities engaged in a deep transformation of urban mobility

The partners of the initiative (ADEME, AFD, CEREMA, CODATU, GIZ, …) wish to engage 100 cities by 2020 in integrated urban mobility policies to contribute to climate change mitigation. They will support local governments in their efforts towards urban mobility planning to make cities more inclusive and liveable, improve economic attractiveness and reduce GHG emissions.

To make these metropolitan policies successful, it is critical to associate national governments and help them in the elaboration and implementation of a comprehensive national urban mobility framework. This intervention at both level aims at putting cities on tracks towards a 50% emission reduction (at least) by 2050, compared to business as usual.

MobiliseYourCity provides a methodological framework, capacity building and technical assistance and facilitates access to financing at both local and national levels. The initiative will set up an international reference platform to share best practices and expertise as well as academic knowledge about sustainable urban mobility planning.

For more information, read the initiative leaflet, available in 5 languages
(French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish)
on MYC website: https://mobiliseyourcity.net/documents/