22 May 2018

Meetings of the MED Urban Transports Community

The ”Med
Urban Transports” Community
, led by the GoSUMP project, took part in the « MADE in MED » event organised by the European Interreg MED Program in Rome, on 18-19 April 2018. It was the mid-term event of the Interreg MED Program for the 2014-2020 programming period. The 90 projects of the Program were represented and were able to introduce themselves and share in the exhibition space. Presentations and debates enabled the 800 participants (policy and decision-makers, experts, project partners, media, etc.) to reflect on the future of the Mediterranean in relation to the thematic objectives of the Program: climate change, blue economy and inclusive growth.

On the occasion of the MADE in MED event, the project partners of GoSUMP held their 3rd steering committee and organized a day of thematic workshops with the different projects of the community. These workshops were a continuation of a first serie organized in September 2017 and focused on the following themes:

  • TOURIST DESTINATIONS: Solutions to tackle mobility challenges in cities, derived from their tourist nature / activities.
  • SPECIFIC SUB-AREAS OF TRIP GENERATION / ATTRACTION: Solutions to tackle mobility challenges derived from specific sub-areas (e.g. University campuses, ports, mixed-use & high-density areas surrounding city centres).
  • PARTICIPATORY PLANNING & PROCESSES: Solutions to involve target groups in mobility planning.
  • ELECTRIC MOBILITY: Information and Communications Technology solutions related to mobility.
  • LOW CARBON TRANSPORT MODES / SERVICES: ‘Physical’ solutions / infrastructure related to sustainable means of transport.

CODATU was able to make a progress report on (i) the ex-ante evaluation of the GreenHouse Gas (GHG) emission reductions associated with the implementation of the “Med Urban Transports Community” projects and (ii) the process of data collection and results analysis.

Finally, a technical study visit of the Limited Traffic Zone in Rome city centre has been organized by the Rome Mobility Agency. Next GO SUMP International Event will be hosted in Barcelona next November 2018.

About GoSUMP project

The « MED Urban Transports” Community represents Interreg MED projects that work towards achieving tailor-made sustainable urban mobility plans and solutions in the Mediterranean area. The Community is led by the GoSUMP project partners (Malaga City Council, UNIMED, MedCities, Eurocities, RDA Green Karst et CODATU) and founded by the European Commission and ERDF. CODATU is in charge of preparing data to be transferred, capitalise the results and help to disseminate them.

If you are interested to follow the MED Urban Transports Community, please register to the project newsletter , consult the “MED Urban Transports” Community website and follow the Med Urban Transports Community on twitter: @interreg_gosump