17 July 2018

Launching of a Technical Cooperation in Egypt !

Next September will begin a new Technical Cooperation project in Egypt. The idea came up during the Urban Mobility Forum (FMU) after discussions between the AFD, the CEREMA, CODATU and the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation. From 18 to 24 months, the project will be developed in close collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Transport.

The official launching of the Technical Cooperation is set up for the second semester of 2018. The main objective is to assist and support the improvement of both Cairo and Alexandrie urban transport systems.

Workshops and technical visits are set up, focusing on different issues such as

  • Out-of-fare box financing mechanisms ;
  • Metro and tramway stations’ commercial exploitation. ;
  • Metro operation management and maintenance capacity building ;
  • Design of interchange stations ;
  • Fare system improvement ;

Based in Cairo, Younes Aggoun will represent CODATU and will be supported by Zoi Christophorou, who is senior consultant.