1 February 2021

Launch of the training program on electric mobility by Solution Plus

The European program SolutionPlus, of which CODATU is part of, launches a training program on e-mobility.

As a reminder, the objective of SolutionPlus is to promote different innovative solutions of electric mobility for several cities in the world. Indeed, the goal is to implement electric scooter systems, electric motorbikes, electric minibuses, electric bicycles, or electric buses, according to the characteristics of cities as diverse as Quito, Hanoï, Madrid or Kigali can be.

Beyond the implementation of prototypes in nine “demo cities” located on four different continents, a capacity building program on electric mobility is offered. This training is aimed at decision-makers and technicians involved in e-mobility projects on their city, but also at any person interested in these questions.

The first training session starts 1st February and addresses the following issues:

  • E-mobility as a means of decarbonising transport (1-14/02)
  • The e-mobility eco-system: stakeholder needs and requirements (15-28/02)
  • E-mobility and integrated planning (1-14/03)
  • What does e-mobility look like on the ground? (15-28/03)

For more information you can visit POLIS website and registration is available directly on SolutionPlus website.