8 June 2017

Launch of a technical cooperation program in Brazil

technical cooperation program was launched in late March 2017 as a partnership among AFD, STIF, CEREMA, CODATU, São Paulo State Government and Rio de Janeiro State Government, in Brazil. One delegation AFD-CODATU went to Brazil for the first meetings and for a better understanding of the Brazilian issues and expectations.

This technical support will last 18 months, until October 2018, and will count on the participation of French specialists on different subjects, such as:

  • governance of urban transports;
  • fare policies;
  • non-fare revenues;
  • Light Rail Transit (LRT) technologies;
  • interaction between transportation and urban planning;
  • fare and physical integration of different modes of transport.

On the agenda, workshops and expert missions are planned in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. One visit in France by the Brazilian delegations is scheduled as well.

The first workshop will happen in São Paulo on June 21st and 22nd 2017 and will cover the non-fare revenues aspects in urban transportation systems.

The CODATU team is formed by Bruno Almeida Maximino, as a cooperation project manager in São Paulo, responsible for coordinating this program, and Raymond Pic, in Paris, as a senior consultant assuring the activities preparation.