In February 2019, CODATU is launching a one-year technical cooperation program in partnership with the French Development Agency (AFD) to support the department of Valle del Cauca in the structuration of its first Regional Transport Authority (RTA) in the metropolitan area of Cali.


This RTA project will support the implementation of two major projects in Cali and its metropolitan area. First, the department of Valle del Cauca is studying the feasibility of rehabilitating the old regional railroad to build a new massive system of transportation between Cali and the surrounding cities of Yumbo, Palmira and Jamundi. Second, Cali is implementing an urban development project along the railroad in order to promote and enhance active modes and public spaces in the city.

The objective of this cooperation is also to find new institutional and organizational patterns applicable in Colombia as, until now, Regional Transport Authorities only exist in Colombia under the status of « Metropolitan Area » (so far only 6 Metropolitan Areas are officially constituted in the country).


The cooperation project consists in organizing thematical workshops with the participation of French and international experts. In addition, a field trip will be organized to allow for representatives of French Transport Organizing Authorities to share experiences with local representatives. Finally, CODATU will be in charge of supporting the preparation of Terms of Reference for additional complementary studies.

The project will be coordinated by Fanny Bertossi, CODATU’s representative in Cali, and Pablo Salazar Ferro, senior transport expert in France. In addition, ProPacifico will be the local institution in charge of facilitating the cooperation.