25 May 2022

Launch of a new short and certifying training course on Road Safety in Dakar

On May 16, 2022, 35 Senegalese executives from various institutions began a short training course on road safety. The importance of this issue is reaffirmed in the context of the Bus Rapid Transit project under construction in Dakar, and with the creation of a National Agency dedicated to road safety, ANASER.

In order to improve the response of public authorities to this problem, CETUD, Senghor University and CODATU have developed a tailor-made training program over 5 weeks, involving international experts with experience in West Africa. In addition to the courses, participants are required to carry out group work throughout the training based on case studies that facilitate the transfer and appropriation of the knowledge transmitted by the experts.

Through this training, participants reflect on concrete ways to improve Road Safety in Dakar and Senegal, considering in particular the coordination between the institutions involved, the technical specifications of vehicle control (in particular in the context of the introduction of new technologies), the communication and awareness strategies for local populations, and the tools and systems used for collecting and analyzing data relating to accidents and injuries.

CODATU wishes participants a rich training experience!