5 November 2013

[JOURNAL] Publication of last issue of “Villes en Développement”

96 “Villes en Développement” , the publication of the French Partnership for the City and the Territories ( PFVT ) is dedicated to urban mobility in developing countries. The Editorial Board of the journal invited Julien Allaire, Managing Director of CODATU the role of guest editor for this issue of November 2013. Distributed more than 5,000 copies in French and English, this magazine is read and enjoyed by the entire professional community involved in urban development . Since June 2011, the issue managed by the association AdP- Villes en Développement, was placed under the French partnership for Cities and territories ( PFVT ).

AdP- Villes en Développement was established in 1979 by professionals working for the benefit of developing countries in the fields of urban planning and urban management , the association gathers Cities in Development Planners , Engineers , Architects, Economists , Sociologists and Geographers , independent or owned by utilities or offices, leading a career or alternatively fully international .
The French partnership for Cities and territories ( PFVT ) was launched in July 2009. It brings together all the French actors of urban cooperation : the state and its public institutions , local authorities and elected officials and their associations , professionals, companies and engineering offices , technical agencies , research and training , non-governmental organizations and qualified individuals . This platform brings together the French expertise in the various components in the area of ??the city and territory which is now a privileged field of international action in France .

In this issue, Ela Babalik – Sutcliffe, associated professor at Ankara University, presents the challenges of the implementation of policies for sustainable mobility in the Turkish cities. Pablo Salazar Ferro, researcher at University of Cape Town, offers an original perspective on South American BRT and their difficult articulation with paratransit. Kamel Bouhmad, mobility consultant and program officer for UN- Habitat , returns to the model two-wheel drive of the Vietnamese capital , a threat to African cities. Bernard Arthur, Ghana visiting professor at the CNAM , highlights the challenge of urban development in Africa and the role that mobility should play to promote development. Moreover, Ralph Gakenheimer , professor emeritus at MIT , gives us his view of the past three decades in the business by paying tribute to Jean- Claude Ziv, vice president and founder of the CNAM CODATU, who passed away in May 2013. Finally, Patrice Berger, Director of International Activities at Lyon Town Planning Agency, comes back on the role of Lyon cooperation to support planning and transport integration in Addis Ababa.


Villes en développement n°96 [EN] Villes en développement n°96 [FR]