9 April 2019

InOut Conference on Digital Mobility in Rennes – Our short summary!

For the second year, CODATU participated to the InOut Forum on Digital Mobility, organized by Rennes Metropolis (Member of CODATU). This forum has been a great opportunity to keep up with the latest developments in the field of urban mobility, in France, in Europe, and in the rest of the world. The top most experts in the various fields were present: autonomous vehicles, micro-mobilities, Mobility-As-A-Service, electric bicycles, governance of urban mobility with the arrival of new digital players, multimodal hubs (city-boosters), On-Demand transport etc.

CODATU tried to bring its small contribution by organizing a session about “Can digital mobility accelerate mobility projects in developing countries”, with la Fabrique des Mobilités, Digital Africa et le Facilitateur des Mobilités.